A Muncie, Indiana mom was arrested after police found her 4 and 7-year-old sons at home by themselves while she went to work. When police found the children they were completely unsupervised and watching the movie Home Alone.

You can't make this stuff up.

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We can admit that Home Alone is a great movie, but not one that should be taken seriously or duplicated intentionally. Luckily no robbers seemed to be involved in this real-life rendition.

According to local police the mother was unable to secure a babysitter so she took the older boy out of school for the day to watch his littler brother. The mother then went to work, leaving the two boys home alone. They were soon noticed by their neighbor who called the police.

The older boy was instructed not to open the door for strangers, so when the police arrived he called his aunt. When the aunt arrived at the scene to let the police in, they discovered the two boys unsupervised and watching Home Alone.

"That was the movie that was playing," said the aunt. "It was a really big coincidence."

Their mom was then arrested on two counts of neglect of a dependent. She was released from jail and re-united with her kids on Friday.

Yesterday, the mother shared her side of the story with FOX59 News.

"They had a phone, they had a safety plan which they followed. They were safe. They ate, they were checked on. They weren't just here all day running around crazy," the mother told FOX59. "At that time I thought it was the best decision. I know my kids and I trust my kids."

She went on to clarify that one child was sent home from school the day before with a fever, and she had already missed a lot of time from her job working with at-risk youth.

"There's a million more girls like me. If there was a day care, like an emergency day care for sick children or say your kids suspended or whatever these circumstances are, but we don't have that."

When FOX59 asked her what she was going to do now that she was free from jail and re-united with her kids, the mother said they were going to watch Home Alone 2.

You can watch her full interview below:

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