The 1-year anniversary of Motionless In White's latest album Disguise is right around the corner. The band planned to continue to celebrate the album's release with a few tours this year. However, coronavirus has put a halt on all of those plans. With their schedules now freed up, Chris Motionless has revealed that the band's using the free time in other ways.

In a new interview, the vocalist shares that Motionless In White are currently working on material for their next album.

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Recently, Motionless In White have been finding ways to pass the time while in quarantine. They have been doing various livestreams for fans and Chris has been on social media sharing updates surrounding the band. Last month, the vocalist even posted a number of throwback band photos and stories for fans to enjoy.

Now, Motionless In White are focusing their time on creating the follow up to 2019's Disguise. In a new interview with the Detroit radio station WRIF, Chris shares that new material for their next album is currently being created.

"A lot of the guys are working on stuff by themselves," Chris says. "Like I know Justin and Ricky are working on tracks for the band separately. I work separately, but then I also have friends that I like to work with that really do special stuff, unique things towards their own production that I like to work with."

Chris also reveals in the interview that the band might reach into their catalog of unreleased songs for this next LP.

"So we've got one song done so far," Chris shares. "We have a bunch of songs in the bank from previous days, working with other people and each one of us separately. And we're just gonna keep working until we have a ton of songs to pick from for the new record."

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Along with this, the current state of the world during this pandemic is shaping some of the material Motionless In White have created so far. Chris shares that some of these new songs have a more aggressive tone to them.

"I realized how internally angry I am at missing the shows and the tours that we're missing because everything I'm working on kind of has this really aggressive edge," Chris reveals. "I know our fans really enjoy our songs like 'Another Life' and the more laid-back or emotional tracks, which there will be those as well, but everything I'm doing myself lately has kind of been heavier. And I'm just, like, 'Where is all this coming from?' I know I'm a quietly, or somewhat quietly, angry person, but it's really coming out in the stuff I've been working on. So we'll see what happens. I know there's gonna be a mix, like there always is."

The pandemic has also shifted the way in which Chris usually collaborates with other people. For Chris, who is currently quarantining at home, the process of working with various people during the writing process is important to him. While health and safety restrictions are still in place nationwide, the vocalist hopes that he eventually will be able to return to collaborating with others as he normally does.

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"For me, it's always more fun and enjoyable to work with people that you get along with and connect with rather than just kind of sitting by yourself all the time," he says. "So I travel all over the country and just work with friends. I think music is a great way to bring people together, and especially right now where people need that. For my friends that do feel comfortable with not keeping me at a six-feet-apart distance and wanna work, then I'm gonna travel to them."

Even though the 1-year anniversary of Disguise is next month, Chris says the band is in no rush to finish the next album anytime soon. The band's currently still in the early stages of writing and are going to let the creative juices flow until they are ready to get back into the studio.

"We wanna have the time to go over the music that we're working on and bring that to a studio and feel like we're not just sitting there wasting our time or having days just burn away in the studio of trial and error for just writing songs," he says. "It's not cheap to travel out of your hometown. It costs a lot to live somewhere else where the studio is, never mind the studio cost itself. So it's a financial decision as well as just a mental decision to not just be burning yourself out day by day in the studio, trying to get stuff done within your deadline. We like to just work at our own pace, go into the studio and then kind of continue it from there."

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As for when fans can expect to hear new music from Motionless In White, Chris says he hopes new material will be released sometime this year.

"I think we'll be trying to get at least a new song out by the end of the year, but I just hope nobody holds me to that," Chris shares. "We're just gonna keep writing, and what happens happens. It might be early next year. I don't know."

The full interview with Chris Motionless is available to watch below.

Are you looking forward to Motionless In White's next album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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