A new study from concert giant Live Nation claims that music fans are 10 percent more likely to value live music over sex, as reported by Billboard. The finding's just one detail revealed in the promoter's new "Power Of Live" survey.

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Citing a phenomenon called "sensation deprivation" in the digital age, Live Nation puts forward that listeners yearn for the pleasing connection provided by a live show. Even to the point of sometimes slightly preferring it to intercourse.

The study picks through trends and behaviors of 22,500 live music fans from 11 countries, ranging in ages from 13 to 65. And it concludes that 71 percent of those surveyed place a high importance on the head rush of a concert.

In fact, that majority contingent apparently feels that "the moments that give [them] the most life are live experiences." And while favoring it over sex may seem nonsensical, people seeking excitement is nothing new. Per Billboard:

"With more than two-thirds of adults between 18 and 34 years of age attending at least one concert or festival per year, Live Nation’s study suggests that people are craving live experiences in an increasingly digital world."

Consequently, the study posits that concertgoers are increasingly getting their kicks from live music. And, sure, sometimes that might seem better than sex. Maybe? We'll just have to leave the findings to the experts on this one.

Experimental neuroscientist Mona Lisa Chanda says that she believes "music is medicine" in a video for the study, seen below. “Myself, just like a lot of other people, use music as a way to self-regulate your arousal level, your emotions.”

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