Ever wonder your favorite musician's favorite food? Sometimes, it might feel like your favorite musicians aren’t real people. They travel the world and spend nights on tour buses performing day in and day out. It’s easy to forget they have to do things like us, such as eat food.


It might be surprising to find out that life on the road isn’t always gas station snacks or fancy meals in hotels. Some famous performers just like to enjoy a slice of pizza. Here are 14 of some of our favorite musicians’ favorite foods.

Brendon Urie, sandwiches

The Panic! At The Disco frontman is pretty broad about his favorite food, saying it is “sandwiches” during a Reddit AMA. Who knows what kind of lunch meat or condiments he prefers, or maybe he just keeps it simple and is down for anything between two slices of bread. He’s even been seen performing with Fall Out Boy while eating a sandwich shirtless onstage. Brendon, please never change.

Jenna McDougall, smoothies


The Tonight Alive vocalist eats extremely healthy, even on the road. She’s been quoted expressing her love for smoothies many times, especially those that include acai and cacao.

Jack White, guacamole


The former White Stripes lead singer doesn’t just like any guacamole; it has to be made a way that meets his standards. Apparently, the singer requested a specific recipe so often that it is now called “Jack White Guacamole.” You can find the full instructions for the recipe here.

Billie Joe Armstrong, pizza


Billie Joe is a fan of a classic slice, and who can really blame him? Everyone loves pizza.

Hayley Williams, coconut milk ice cream


The Paramore frontwoman is dairy free, but she can’t resist a little ice cream. She opts for this non-dairy version and claims to “eat entire pints of it every chance [she] get[s].”

Matty Healy, Kobe beef


The 1975 frontman said the meal he ate at New York Bar and Grill at Park Hyatt Tokyo made the place his favorite restaurant. Healy said he is “just a bit obsessed with a good steak,” which is definitely not a bad pick for a favorite food.

Patrick Stump, shrimp vindaloo


Patrick Stump isn’t afraid of a little spice. He has been quoted saying his favorite food is shrimp vindaloo, because it packs a punch and is comforting.

Andy Biersack, peanut butter cookies and barbeque chicken

Although this conclusion was made from a vague tweet in 2009, it seems like this Black Veil Brides bandmate is a big fan of eating some grilled chicken in barbecue sauce and finishing it with a cookie. It’s a pretty solid choice.

Ben Bruce, full English breakfast

In 2010, Asking Alexandria were asked a series of questions about themselves, one of them being what their favorite foods were. In the video, Ben Bruce shouts “full English breakfast” as if he can’t contain his excitement about eggs, sausages, beans and toast. It is delicious and definitely hearty.

Halsey, Dippin’ Dots

All right this might be another stretch, but the singer tweeted a very threatening message protecting the frozen treat. She also responded to the tweet with a selfie of her eating the cookies and cream flavor.

Derek Sanders, vegan chili


Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders is a proud vegan, and his favorite dish is vegan chili that his mom makes.

Mark Hoppus, a combination of wraps


Mark Hoppus definitely has an unusual favorite meal that he claimed to eat “Every. Single. Day” in 2011. He splits the meal with their engineer and gets a chef’s wrap without onions and a breakfast burrito, and washes it down with a double cappuccino. He said he’s “never tasted anything so delicious.”
Ashton Irwin, spaghetti

This 5 Seconds Of Summer member loves some comfort food. In a video interview, he professed his love for some noodles in marinara sauce just like the rest of us.

lil aaron, Raising Canes

Upon the initial publishing of this list, rapper lil aaron let us know that he was disappointed to see none of the other artists were fans of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. He confirmed that it is in fact his favorite thing to eat, so we couldn't help but add him to the list.