People across the United States and around the world have been protesting for days in response to George Floyd being killed by police. Like many, members of the music community have stepped forward as allies to the Black Lives Matter movement and expressed how finding the right words to address injustice can be a challenge. As a result, some musicians have discussed honestly not knowing what to say.

However, many musicians did find their voice to stand alongside black individuals and the entire movement. Artists such as Frank Iero, Paramore and Jimmy Eat World know they can use their voice to help amplify the movement. See what some of them shared with fans and followers below.

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Juliet Simms

Vocalist Juliet Simms shared a long message and noted, "I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand." She also said, "I vow to do better, actively work against racism, educate myself more thoroughly on what it means to be antiracist, keep the conversation going with friends, family and via socials."

Patty Walters

As It Is vocalist Patty Walters shared promises with his followers after he brought light to the fact that his opinion isn't essential to the BLM movement. He noted, "i will listen, i will echo, i will support, i will protest, i will sign, i will donate, i will promote, i will implore my audience to do the same."

Simple Plan

Simple Plan offered resources and promises to their followers on their social media pages after addressing their privilege. "But we hope we can use our voice and this platform to show our support and solidarity. More importantly, we are here to listen and learn how we can do better."

Frank Iero

My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero was not sure what to say at first. He acknowledged, "I thought for a while that as a straight white man living a comfortable existence with my family in the suburbs, it was not my place to be able to add anything to the discussion." However, he quickly realized that this conversation needs to be had, especially if you are more privileged. He said, "...this conversation needs to be on the lips of everyone, especially the straight white men who see very little of these hardships in their daily life." Then, he shared, "Listen to one another, build each other up and treat one another with the compassion that was so sorely lacking in those 9 minutes in Minneapolis."

Stand Atlantic

Vocalist for Stand Atlantic Bonnie Fraser shared a short note with fans and captioned the photo, "it may be hard to speak up but its bullshit to stay silent."

Pat Kirch

The 8123 family created by the Maine is all about supporting fans of every background. Drummer Pat Kirch acknowledged he was scared to share his thoughts and feelings as he did not want to say the wrong words. However, he discussed, "I just want you to know that we do care and will do better in the future to clearly communicate our views with each of you."

Sports Team

London rock band Sports Team are showing allyship from across the pond stating "But we hope the voice we have can add to the millions of others that will bring down a system that was rigged against George Floyd and is rigged against so many of our friends and neighbours." The band are even participating in Black Lives Matter events in England as well.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles noted, "I do things every day without fear, because I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white."

After acknowledging this, he called for readers to mobilize by educating themselves, family members, etc., donating, voting and more.

Trash Boat

Trash Boat shared a short note with fans acknowledging they will never understand the struggle in its entirety. "But we stand with you," the band say.


K.Flay has a knack for talking about social issues ranging from female empowerment to racial injustice. She noted how she is "listening more, and talking less." She is currently reading anti-racism texts and sharing anti-racism resources with her fans.


grandson has addressed time and time again that gun violence and police brutality must stop in songs such as "thoughts & prayers" and "Stick Up." Since the music project's inception, grandson's song have driven a revolution with his fans. On his social media, he shared that "we’ve Done a lot Of talking And sharing Our opinions... maybe we should shut up now and finally just listen." He then shared resources for white people that will truly benefit the BLM movement.

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World shared a repost with followers on exactly how they can help the BLM movement including donations, voting, educating and even changing banks. The Arizona band shared, "We’d like to echo the sentiments and suggestions from our very wise friends at Local First Arizona. This is a time for us to listen and learn to find ways we can be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter"

The Word Alive

The Word Alive has always and will always support fans and individuals of all backgrounds. They do not condone racism at shows or in their personal lives. "TWA proudly stands for the #BlackLivesMatter movement and will be finding ways of educating ourselves to better serve you in the future," the band say. "We have already seen so many in our community stand up against the current climate we live in, and we want to encourage that so that we may grow stronger together."


Paramore donated $25,000 across Black Lives Matter Nashville, Campaign Zero and the ACLU. "These contributions are in addition to our commitment to be teachable, be vigilant, and be responsible with our privilege," the band say.


Singer, songwriter Lights shared a heartfelt Instagram message over the weekend. "Speaking up is never comfortable, but living life of stifled opportunity fear for your life, distrusting the system in place to protect you is way worse," she said. Along with this, she will be posting resources and organizations accepting donations for Black Lives Matter in her story.

Chris Motionless

Motionless In White's Chris Motionless used his platform to share the immense shortfalls of the president and its police force. "How else can we expect change when so many others endorse what become?" he asked. Motionless does not stand for this social regression and supports the riots as well as "fighting fire with fire" for social progress.