Netflix has been accused of changing televisions series’ playback order based on viewers’ sexualities. The rumor started after a gay Twitter user, @LukasThoms compared his order of episodes to his straight friend’s, according to NME.  

While the Twitter user started watching Love, Death & Robots, a new Netflix series, he reported that the episodes were playing out of their original order. After comparing the order of episodes to his friend’s, he assumed that the Netflix algorithm was using your watch history to gauge what episodes should come next. 

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However, things got even weirder when he decided to compare the order of episodes with fellow gay friends. Unlike his straight friend, the Twitter user’s program started with an episode that centered on a lesbian storyline. After looking at his gay friends’ Netflix, it also revealed the same suggested watch order.

Additionally, according to NME, users have been reporting similar stories with Queer Eye.

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However, Netflix has been quick to shut down the accusation. The streaming service refuted the claims by saying they don’t have access to that kind of information.

Instead, Netflix says that they are trying out an entirely new way thing with Love, Death & Robots. That said, the television show in question runs more like an anthology of short stories as opposed to a season with one, arching plot.

Love, Death & Robots
The Twitter user has since provided updates on his own findings. After reaching out to a trusted person at Netflix, he, too, has found out that the order is actually completely random.

You can watch the trailer for the brand new show Love, Death & Robots below.

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