Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Halloween Costume- Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ snuck a ‘Queer Eye’ cameo in Season 3

We're all very excited about the new season of Stranger Things but while everyone has been obsessing over the plot, some noticed a fun cameo early in...
netflix stranger things

Here’s everything coming to and leaving Netflix in July

It's once again the most bittersweet part of the month for Netflix subscribers, as the streaming service has announced what titles are arriving and dropping off...
paramore queer eye hayley williams

Hayley Williams shouts out ‘Queer Eye’ participant for Good Dye Young look

If you’ve seen all of season 3 of Queer Eye, you’ll remember Jess — the Paramore superfan who showed off her sweet tattoo for...
Queer Eye, Paramore, Alkaline Trio

‘Queer Eye’ name-drops Paramore, Alkaline Trio in new season

It looks like there’s another TV show that we have to watch. Recently, episodes of Queer Eye made mention of scene favorites Paramore and Alkaline...
Post Malone and 'Queer Eye' cast

Post Malone on ‘Queer Eye’? Fans think he’s ugly, smelly enough

Will Post Malone appear on an upcoming episode of Queer Eye? Fans apparently think the rapper is "ugly and smell" enough to qualify for...