From metal to rap to indie, there’s something for everyone in all the new music released this week. Waterparks started a new era, and Denzel Curry announced a feature-stacked remix album. You will definitely want to keep your eye on these new songs from new and old favorites alike. Check them out below.

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Brand Of Sacrifice – “Altered Eyes”

“Altered Eyes” is the final pre-album single from powerhouse deathcore group Brand Of Sacrifice’s upcoming release, Lifeblood. The album is heavily based on the plot of cult manga series Berserk, as much of the band’s music is. The raging “Altered Eyes” focuses on the emotions surrounding the protagonist Guts as he watches his love interest endure torturous abuse. “‘Altered Eyes’ is something of a spiritual successor to ‘Charlotte,’ a breakout success from our last album that took off way more than we anticipated,” the band say. “Funnily enough, both come in at track four on their respective album, but it’s more about the vibe. Both tracks rock and groove as much as they riff and gut.” The quintet also released a jaw-dropping video for the track, animated by Abiotic’s Tony Simone. Lifeblood is out March 5, and you can preorder it here.

Cane Hill – “God Is The Enemy: Part III”

Cane Hill released their latest song “God Is The Enemy: Part III” alongside a devilish music video. Complete with blood, chains and crosses, the video sees vocalist Elijah Witt singing from a church podium. Following the release of “Power Of The High” and “Kill Me” in 2020, the new song rounds out the group’s Krewe De La Mort collection and is a commentary on skewed views some Christians hold. "From the hypocrisy of the church shielding its abusive history and their present to the blatant racism, control of women's bodily autonomy using the bible as a scapegoat, it's obvious that the followers of Christ have gone astray,” Witt says. “'GITE' implores you to imagine how the religious world would react if someone claimed to be the son of God again." 

Denzel Curry – “‘Cosmic’.m4a [The Alchemist version feat. Joey Bada$$]”

Denzel Curry and producer Kenny Beats have brought on Joey Bada$$ and the Alchemist for a new version of the infectious track “‘Cosmic’.m4a.” The song is slated to appear on Curry and Beat’s remix project UNLOCKED 1.5, a reimagining of 2020’s UNLOCKED. Dropping March 5, the new album will also feature Arlo Parks, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jay Versace and Benny The Butcher. You can listen to “‘Cosmic’.m4a” now and preorder UNLOCKED 1.5 here.

glimmers – “Fallin’”

glimmers released the second track off their upcoming EP, Worlds Apart. Out April 23, the EP explores the progression of a relationship and the stages of heartbreak. The five songs each have a key theme: love, loss, denial, bargaining, hope and acceptance. “‘Fallin’’ sums up the complicated feelings of heartbreak,” vocalist Maggie Schneider says. “It’s about how everything in your room reminds you of your ex and the countless nights you spend staring at the ceiling fan looking for some form of relief. Losing someone you love makes you feel like you’re falling.” Nick Pena of lostbody wrote the lyrics of “Fallin’” in only a couple of hours, and Schneider immediately connected to it. Where the lyrics have a darker meaning, glimmers made “Fallin’” musically more upbeat to show the juxtaposition of feelings that come with love and loss. Pena is also featured on “Not Good At Goodbyes,” a sixth acoustic song on Worlds Apart. You can listen to “Fallin’” now and preorder Worlds Apart here.


A cover of Beck’s iconic “Debra” is the latest release from I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. When the song was initially released in 1999, Dallon Weekes fell in love with it. As a result, iDKHOW have covered it live many times at their shows. The duo also released a retro music video for the track that shows them recording it in a studio.  This latest release follows iDKHOW’s music videos for “Razzmatazz” and “Leave Me Alone” from their 2020 debut full-length Razzmatazz. You can listen to “Debra” now.

Lesibu Grand – “Hot Glue Gun (PLS PLS RMX)”

Indie-punk band Lesibu Grand released a remix of their December 2020 banger “Hot Glue Gun” as well as a new music video for the song. Where the original video shows frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton as a cosplayer taking down a fascist leader in a vintage video game, the PLS PLS-produced remix explores the darker consequences of taking action. “We wrote ‘Hot Glue Gun’ as a follow-up response to our prior song “WFS,” which lists out some of the numerous social justice problems with our government and society but doesn’t offer much hope for a solution,” Molton says. "With ‘Hot Glue Gun,’ we wanted to harness the same ’80s punk rock energy but direct it in a more positive direction, one that empowered people to rise up to the challenges they face.” 

Tilian – “Anthem”

Tilian has shared a video for his new song “Anthem” about spiritual awakenings. Along with the 2020 single “Dose,” “Anthem” is the latest solo music from the Dance Gavin Dance vocalist since his 2018 album, The Skeptic. “‘Anthem’ is the release of energy that follows a sacred epiphany,” Tilian says. “In that moment, you are so mentally and physically in tune it becomes effortless to discern truth from vanity, substance from pretense, value from worthlessness. It's the perfect alignment of perception and anatomy, where imaginative ammunition flows through you in a waterfall of clarity. Precious, blissful and untouchable, it's that rarest hour of passion every writer dreams about.” You can listen to “Anthem” now. 

Waterparks – “Snow Globe”

Waterparks are embracing a new era with their single “Snow Globe.” Their latest music since the 2020 single “Lowkey As Hell,” “Snow Globe” is off the recently announced album Greatest Hits. The trio first teased the track on social media this week with a short and cryptic video post. The minimalist music video was purposefully done to give fans a chance to interpret the meaning of the single for themselves. Listen to “Snow Globe” now.

We Were Sharks – “Problems”

Celebrating the announcement of their upcoming album, New Low, We Were Sharks released their new single, “Problems.” This song is the latest single from New Low, following “Shameless” and “Bring Me Down.” The album centers around the idea of being down but not out, and “Problems” follows that theme. New Low is the latest album from We Were Sharks since the release of Not A Chance (Deluxe Edition) in 2020, which included songs from their 2015 album Not A Chance. New Low is out May 21 and available for preorder. You can listen to “Problems” now.

Wolf Alice – “The Last Man On Earth”

Wolf Alice have shared a kaleidoscopic music video for their newest single, “The Last Man On Earth.” The single is the ninth track off their upcoming album, Blue Weekend, and is about human arrogance. “I’d just read Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, and I had written the line ‘Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god’ in my notes,” singer/guitarist Ellie Rowsell says. “But then I thought, ‘Uh, your peculiar travel suggestion isn’t a dancing lesson from god. It’s just a travel suggestion. Why does everything need to mean something more?’” Blue Weekend is out June 11 and is available for preorder.