“Angel Eyes” by New Years Day featuring Chris Motionless is an undeniable modern scene classic. If you're anything like us, you've listened to it nonstop since its release. But you've never heard it like this before...

For the first time ever, New Years Day become Nikki Years Day. Featuring bassist Frankie Sil on lead guitar, singer Ash Costello on drums and guitarist turned creepy crooner, Nikki Misery, doing both vocal parts.

This APTV exclusive performance breaths a fun new life into this iconic duet. We assure you that you've never seen a trio of goths laugh this much in your life.

Recently, New Years Day gave fans a taste of their upcoming album with their latest single "Skeletons." In it, we see a brand-new NYD, one who mix almost mechanically heavy riffs with free-spirited pop.

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In a recent interview with AP, Ash Costello talks about the inspirations behind new song “Skeletons” and what to expect on a forthcoming new album.

"One big difference is that I wasn’t rushed," Costello says. "Normally, with our touring schedule, all of [our] other records were like, 'Oh, you have a month. And then you have to leave on tour. And if you don’t finish it, then you have to fly home on off days to finish it.' That was always our situation."

Costello says that previously, the band never got a real say in what songs went on the record.

"Instead of choosing which songs you wanted, it was like, 'The first 10 songs you wrote. That's the record,'" Costello says. "You didn't really get a say.

"So, that was nice to be given time. Which I really took advantage of," Costello says. "And then this time, I got to experiment with other writers, so I went around town writing with every writer I could think of, and really put together a team of writers I felt got me."