New Years Day vocalist Ash Costello made a post on Instagram explaining the ups and downs of 2019 for her personally and professionally while confirming she is now engaged.

Costello and Jered Boeving made the move together at Disneyland while also explaining the absence of details prior to the announcement in the post.

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You can see her post below.

Well..... 2019 was wild. I had never experienced such highs in my career and business, but at the same personal life was absolutely falling completely apart. But somehow, I am lucky enough to have caught in time and turned it all around. I brought in the new year with my friends I had lost and reconnected with and the man who turned my 2019 from a nightmare to a dream.

Over 3 years ago, Jered hand made me a red and black coffin. I thought it was kind of a stranger to want to give me something so beautiful. I remember opening the package and being blown away by the thought and care he put into packaging it, red and black tissue paper? Wrapped beautifully? But we both had started seeing other people. We kept in touch over the years but had recently gone [through] what sounds like an almost identical situation.

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Fast forward to this year, when he shows up to one of my shows. He didn’t message me, he didn’t tell me he was there, I just happened to notice. Months later, we went on our first date. So last night, at my favorite place on earth, Disneyland, on the front steps of my favorite ride, the haunted mansion, Jered asked me to marry him with a coffin-shaped black diamond. And it felt like my world was put back together, FINALLY. ⚰️⚰️⚰️

EVERYTHING is different when you glow, when you’re happy, when you’re supported and treated the way you need to be treated. When you can be 100% yourself. My band, my friendships, my family, my business are all thriving again because I am not only just happy, but FREE to be myself completely. He’s been so kind and caring, loving and generous, everything I wished I could find and just hadn’t yet.

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Our close friends and family saw this coming and are not surprised, but we [haven't] shared much of our story on social media, so I know to most this may seem sudden, but when you know, you know. So thank you guys for being along for the ride of 2019, I know it’s been crazy, I appreciate your support and love and wish you happiness in 2020! Don’t ever give up or settle for less in any aspects of your life! Ps. I'm blonde. New year, new hair, who dis?

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