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The actress in All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In” still has this prop

The single is off of 2007's 'So Wrong, It's Right'

August 11, 2020
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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 13 years since All Time Low dropped their iconic album So Wrong, It’s Right. One of the album’s singles “Dear Maria, Count Me In” still remains one of All Time Low’s most popular tracks to date.

Now, the actress in the “Dear Maria, Count Me In” video has revealed which prop she still has after all these years.

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Last year, Hopeless Records revealed that All Time Low’s “Dear Maria, Count Me In” is the label’s best-selling song in history. As well, Alex Gaskarth recently discussed the song’s success in an interview with American Songwriter.

“It was incredible and very unexpected. The song didn’t get pushed at radio, it didn’t have a big campaign behind it to move units or charts,” Gaskarth says. “So what was incredible was that it was a very natural process because over time it became more popular and essential in our discography and as a result it was just streamed and streamed and over time it picked up accolades, so it’s pretty insane and humbling to have a song run like that.”

“Dear Maria, Count Me In” is currently All Time Low’s most-streamed song on Spotify with over 172 million streams.

Back in 2008, All Time Low released a video for “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” The cheeky video features the All Time Low guys in a strip club. In the video, the boys spend their time being googly-eyed over a woman working in the club.

Now, 12 years after the video’s release, the actress who starred in “Dear Maria, Count Me In” is reminiscing about the iconic music video in a new TikTok. Actress Gilli Messer took to the video-sharing platform this week to prove that she is the girl featured in the video.

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In the TikTok clip, she shares a throwback behind-the-scenes photo from the video set. As well, she reveals that she still has the black-and-white polka dot bra she wore in the video. Since the TikTok video’s release on Monday, it has earned over 157,000 likes.

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“Dear Maria, Count Me In” was certified platinum in the U.S. back in 2015. As well, in 2017, So Wrong It’s Right earned a gold certification in the U.S. with over 500,000 units sold.

The “Dear Maria, Count Me In” video is available to watch below.

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Written by Rachael Dowd