Andy Biersack BVB memorabilia stolen
Photo by: AndyBlack/Twitter

Andy Biersack recently took to Twitter to share the news that years worth of Black Veil Brides memorabilia has been stolen.

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On Saturday, May 26, Biersack shared in a series of tweets of what happened. In one tweet, the singer wrote: “The thief took years worth of BVB memorabilia including my STWOF stage outfits, countless things I have collected and hoped to share with my family one day.”

In another tweet, he says: “I appreciate those of you who have been so kind and supportive in regards to the robbery at our home last night. The items the thief took are just material things and while they have nostalgic significance to me, at the end of the day the safety of my family is all that matters.”

Biersack has asked if anyone happens to see anything on reseller websites, to please let him know.

Read the full tweets below:

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