Andy Black to release second solo album.

Andy Biersack is sharing some throwback Warped Tour stories in the latest episode of the Andy Show.

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The video is a compilation of clips from the show’s patreon page in which Biersack shares some of his Warped Tour memories.

The Black Veil Brides frontman talks about how important the tour has been for him over the years, from attending it as he was growing up to meeting his wife, Juliet Simms.

Biersack also discusses how he felt headlining the 2017 with his solo project, Andy Black, and hosting the 2017 APMAs.

Watch the video in full below:

On May 26, Biersack shared on Twitter that a thief got into his garage and stole some of his personal BVB memorabilia from tours gone by, as well as his 2008 Hannah Montana pants

The singer shared some commentary about the burglary, saying he was grateful only material objects were taken and neither his wife nor his pets were harmed.

“The immediate thought is when someone comes into your home and steals a bunch of your childrens-size clothes from a decade ago, you think maybe someone is taking it intentionally,” he tells AP in an interview.

“I’m watching the security camera footage: He knew where my stuff was, and I’m thinking he cased the area beforehand, and it’s terrifying.”

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