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London-based alt-pop rapper Ashnikko has released an entertaining new video for her  single “Daisy.”

Since its release in July, “Daisy” has already earned over 6.3 million global streams.

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Back in June, Ashnikko joined forces with Grimes for the new single “Cry” and released an action-packed anime-inspired video. Then, in July, Ashnikko debuted her new single “Daisy.”

Now, Ashnikko is back and has unleashed an outrageous new video for the female-empowering anthem. For the over-the-top UGC video, Ashnikko enlisted the help of TikTok users and asked them to take part in the #BEATSDAISYCHALLENGE. The viral challenge earned more than 7.7 billion views and 2.4 million streams.

The most creative entries were selected to be used in the final video which is directed by Charlotte Rutherford. Due to the challenge, the “Daisy” video includes the vibrant color themes of glacier blue, spring yellow, cloud pink and lava red.

In an interview with Wonderland Magazine, Ashnikko further explains her decision to use TikTok to craft the “Daisy” video.

“It’s [the video] in collaboration with Beats and TikTok, a little threesome there,” she says. “I feel like people don’t give TikTok enough credit for how influential it is in music right now, and I think it’s really important. For me, including my fans in the whole process and campaign is really important because ultimately there would be no campaign without them. They’re all so fucking smart, intelligent and funny, I’m always cracking up at all the memes and stuff that people make.”

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She also reveals the inspiration behind the empowering anthem “Daisy.” Ashnikko shares that she wanted to make a song that is all about confidence. For the single, she created the fictional character Daisy who is a “vigilante.”

“I mean the song is just a bad bitch song,” she continues. “It’s like pure confidence boost – that’s what I was trying to get across. Usually, when I write all my songs I have this character that I have in mind, so this one is like this Daisy character, she’s like a vigilante and she kills rapists.”

Ashnikko goes on to further explain some of the song’s lyrics and what they mean. She reveals there’s a good mix of lyrics specific to the character of “Daisy” and also lyrics that aren’t “super deep.”

“She [Daisy] leaves behind daisies as a calling card,” she says. “So in the chorus, it’s like ‘daisies on your nightstand,’ so if you wake up and see daisies then something quite sweet becomes quite terrifying. Then the rest of it isn’t super deep, it’s just like ‘fuck a princess and king, bow down and kiss on my ring.’ Very dominatrix boss bitch lyrics, that was the vibe I was going for.”

Ashnikko’s “Daisy” video is available to stream below.

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