Green Day

[Photo by: Frank Maddocks]

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has no problem with autograph resellers, he just wants them to make way for the “real fans” at his band’s gigs, according to the singer’s latest Instagram post. Check it out below.

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Sharing a concert selfie from Instagram account greenday.truefans on Tuesday, the Green Day guitarist and vocalist addressed the pic’s caption to “eBay autograph collectors,” asking them to “please stop shoving your way through real fans.”

Perhaps surprisingly, Armstrong doesn’t even hate on autograph resellers, telling the various signature seekers, “I understand you make a living from signed memorabilia and I’m cool with it.” Further, he affirms that he’s “happy to sign your stuff.”

Still, the musician requests that autograph flippers coming for his John Hancock refrain from hindering the fans. “Especially the young ones that just want to have a moment to talk,” he says. “I love getting to know our GD fans and having real conversations.”

And, again, it’s not that Billie Joe won’t sign your stuff—just don’t hit him in the face with it: “When the eBay guys shove shit in my face (literally getting hit in the face with a guitar),” he adds, “you make it near impossible to get to know real fans.”

So remember to heed Armstrong’s advice at Green Day appearances. After all, it’s simply about respect for your fellow music fan. “Please respect my and and the real fans space,” he concludes. “We’re just trying to get to know each other.”

Tales of another (Green Day) home

In seemingly unrelated Green Day happenings, it looks like drummer Tré Cool sold his home in Newport Beach, California, for a cool $1.83 million, according to the Orange County Register. So, there, you just learned some Green Day real estate news, too.

Did you ever get an autograph from Billie Joe (or another band member) at a Green Day show? How do you feel about those who get musicians’ autographs just to sell them online? Wanna buy Tré’s old house? Sound off in the comments below!