bring me the horizon bmth 2019

Bring Me The Horizon are plugging away at their new album throughout the coronavirus pandemic but they took a short break from writing new songs to have a bit of a laugh at Oli Sykes‘ mother’s expense.

The band are currently capturing the entire process in a project they’re calling BMTH8 but in a video they posted to YouTube, they pause to chase Oli’s mother around with a fake mouse made out of a date.

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In the clip, Jordan Fish crafts a fake mouse using a date, a bit of string and some spray paint to make his creation.

He quickly calls over for Oli’s mother, Carol, and chases her through the house while she screams in fear before realizing it’s fake.

After the prank, the band members gather together to keep working through new material.

You can watch the clip below.

The band have been relatively quiet since they dropped their Music To Listen To… EP back in December but revealed last week they were working on new material. 

The band released a clip on Instagram confirming the new project.

The video shows filmmaker Brian Cox talking about how he plans to head north to start filming with Bring Me The Horizon. Cox also announced the project on his own page. 

“I’m just here, packing my bags,” Cox says. “Getting ready to head up north. The guys have been at home working on BMTH8, and with the coronavirus spreading they’ve abandoned the studios and they’ve just been working from home remotely. So I’m gonna stay with them and capture them live, and we will bring you regular updates so that you can be involved in the recording process.” 

“You know, this is a crazy time, and we know there’s a lot of people at home wondering what the hell is going on. We wanted to do something to help us get our minds off of all the chaos. Stick with us. We’re in this together, and stay safe out there.”

Oli Sykes also commented on the new album which you can see below.


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✨hey world hope everyone is coping with the quarantine o.k, shit is upside down right now.. we were working on BMTH8 in the studio and obviously we had to abandon everything. We’ve been isolating since & are all well.. so here’s our plan. @jordanfish86 and our videographer @brian_c0x are travelling down to Sheffield to isolate with me, we are going to continue to write at home & even record some songs, we have everything we need to create the new record. & we want to involve you in the whole process- so from tonight, we will be sending constant updates of our progress, doing live chats and streams with you guys.. hopefully to bring a bit of joy & light to you guys in these dark times. Stay tuned, stay safe wash your hands & try & beat my face mask by @fabulousbeasts_ ✨ #isolationinnovation

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You can stay up to date with the band’s progress on Bring Me The Horizon’s YouTube channel here.

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