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New music from Bring Me The Horizon could be on the way, and a lot quicker than expected.

Even though the band just released their last full-length, amo, in January, frontman Oli Sykes says they are already playing with ideas for the next album.

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Sykes told Kerrang! the band wants to cut down on production time for their next record, expressing his interest in putting out fresh music much quicker.

“I think we spent a long time on amo – like nearly over a year,” he says. “The one vibe that is floating around is, ‘Let’s never do that again, it was too long,’ and we’ve kinda got a studio set up on tour now. We’ve started to think about writing and when we want to, and basically never having to get back to the studio and write for six months.”

Although amo is a changeup from previous albums, Sykes says the shift in style has opened up opportunities for the band to continue to experiment.

“I guess that last album made us feel like we could literally put anything out; we could go back and write something extremely heavy, or we could write the poppiest song in the world – or a mixture.”

Sykes has previously recognized the band’s move into a pop-inspired sound, and says he doesn’t mind being some people’s introduction to rock music.

“They go back and they start to really get into the vibe of the band and it’s not just about how poppy it is or how accessible it is,” Sykes says. “They really feed into the lyrics and what we stand for and stuff like that. We’re not ashamed to be like… We want to be that band. We want to be that gateway band for people to get into rock music and stuff and keep it going.”

Sykes also left the door open for new music in the near future, saying the lack of a release date acts as a positive rather than a negative.

“It would be nice to start writing again without the pressure of a date, but we are thinking about it, and quite possibly people could be hearing new music sooner rather than later,” he says.

Although the band now has the ability to record on the road, they’ve been hit with some touring troubles as of late.

Some rough weather caused the band to miss their set at Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival over the weekend along with Chevelle and the Distillers.

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