[Photo by: Ville Juurikkala]

Bullet For My Valentine have now given us the first taste of their upcoming sixth studio album, Gravity. Listen to the band's rockin' new single “Over It” and check out the new album's cover art below. Gravity is due out June 29.

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BFMV have been hard at work on the new record, following 2015 fifth album Venom, and fans were thrilled when the group announced they were finished tracking the new LP late last year. As one of Our Most Anticipated heavy releases of 2018, we're super stoked to hear this thing, too! The new tune premiered Sunday on BBC's Radio 1 Rock Show.

“There's a lot different about this record, actually,” singer-guitarist Matthew Tuck told us. “The way we've approached [it], the way we've written it, the sonics used, the instrumentation that we've added. It feels like it's a whole new beginning for the band, so it's a very exciting time.”

It's the band's first with drummer Jason Bowld as an official member—he's been BFMV's acting percussionist since 2015.

Watch the lyric video for “Over It”:

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