nasty cherry win video
[Photo via YouTube]

Charli XCX has been hard at work behind the scenes bringing together a project that’s a bit unexpected. Earlier this year, she unveiled one of the latest projects she’s kept close to her chest: Nasty Cherry.

The new girl group is comprised of four members: guitarist Chloe Chaidez (Kitten), Deborah Knox-Hewson (Charli’s drummer), Georgia Somary (set decorator on Avengers: Age of Ultron) and singer Gabbriette Bechtel.

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Now, Nasty Cherry unveiled a music video for “Win,” their debut single. The indie-pop banger houses confident vocals and a retro-tinged visual to back it up. With a palpable sense of attitude, this is a group you’re going to want to watch as they inevitably rise.

Speaking to The Fader when “Win” originally debuted, Charli XCX recalled how Nasty Cherry sprang forth from her mind and took life as a real-world concept.

“I’ve always wanted to work with a girl band — but not in a pop group type of way — and I love collaborating with women, so I just started talking to some of my friends about it,” says Charli. “I’d be like ‘Have you ever thought of being in a band? I think you’d be good at it.’ And then we just kept talking about it and it made more and more sense. All the girls (Gabbriette, Debbie, Georgia and Chloe) and I were feeling it. They got on and had interesting ideas and it just sort of happened. I feel like together they’re extremely unique. They are funny and bold and have something interesting to say. It feels weird and special.”

We’re certainly on the lookout for additional Nasty Cherry songs to come down the line in the future, especially if they’re as catchy as the one.

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