Child's Play
[Photo by: MGM]

If you can’t get enough of Chucky, here are some good news: A Child’s Play reboot is in the works.

It producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith are reportedly set to produce the movie.

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This is a different project from the TV series that Don Mancini is working on. The Child’s Play creator says he plans to develop an eight-part season with hour-long episodes, serving as a continuation to the events in last year’s Cult Of Chucky. 

Mancini noted the TV series was “delibertely set up at the end of the last movie” with the tone of the series set to be “dark and disturbing.”

According to Collider, there’s not a lot of information on movie yet, but there are some hints about the plot. It will be a contemporary reboot, which involves a group of kids and “a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world.”

It’s not confirmed if the doll will be named Chucky yet.

Collider also reports that, although no actors have been announced yet, MGM is likely to recast the voice of Chucky.

Lars Klevberg is set to direct the film and Tyler Burton Smith will write the script. Production reportedly starts in September in Vancouver, Canada.

The most recent Chucky film involved the killer doll finally accomplishing the transition of his soul from the body of the doll to the body of a human, a feat he’d been attempting since the very first film.

We can’t help but wonder how Child’s Play creators will approach the movie and the TV series. However, one thing is for sure: We can’t wait to get more details on both projects!

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