Grunge band Redd Kross have admitted to being “very bad pranksters,” but according to the band, pranking Courtney Love may have been what kept them from opening for Nirvana.

You can read the band’s interview below.

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Speaking with The Guardian, bassist Steven McDonald and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Mcdonald claim that Love was the one who kept them from opening up for the iconic band during their prime.

“We were also very bad pranksters at the time,” says Jeff. “A lot of those hair metal bands would leave their phone numbers on their ads. So we would crank call groups like Poison.”

His brother Steven adds, “I would say we damaged our career on more than one occasion through the act of crank calling. We used to crank call our own record label. We would call the label pretending to be members of Poison or Stryper, really disgruntled that we were seeing too much of the other band’s activities out there, and complaining they weren’t paying any attention to us.”

The band claims those pranks are what lead to them being “blacklisted” by Nirvana.

“We were never able to open for Nirvana,” Steven explains. “We shared the same manager. Flash forward to Nirvana being the biggest thing in the world – OK, can we please go on tour with your band? We were told we couldn’t, because Courtney Love said we were mean to her when she was fat.”

“We used to crank call Courtney,” Jeff says. “But not about being fat. We didn’t even know she was fat.”

Steven adds, “When she met Kurt Cobain we realized: Oh man, that Courtney chick – we have to be friends with her now. But she had her revenge. She blacklisted us from Nirvana tours.”

You can read the full interview here.

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