Dave Grohl
[Photo by: Scarlet Bucket]

Dave Grohl joined some famous friends to play some tunes at Warren Haynes’ Christmas Jam this past weekend. Among the songs the group performed were the Foo Fighters‘ classic “Everlong,” Grohl’s 23-minute instrumental composition from his mini-doc Play and Nirvana‘s “All Apologies.”

You can check out a video of the group playing the Nirvana track below.

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Grohl and co. got together in Asheville, North Carolina at the annual concert held by the namesake Allman Brothers guitarist. The band featured Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Jane’s Addiction.

Rolling Stone spoke to Grohl about the choice of the song, which was suggested by Haynes. He wasn’t very keen on it at first, but changed his mind because he knows how much people care about it.

“Warren said, ‘Do you want to do ‘All Apologies’?” The musician explains. “That used to be thin ice and delicate ground for a long time, for good reason. That’s something that had to be handled gently.”

“When he mentioned that song, my initial reaction was, ‘I can’t do that. I shouldn’t do that,’” he continues. “But then I think about the people that the song means so much to and has been a part of their lives—that joy and love should be shared.”

Grohl also explains he got emotional seeing the audience sing along to the Nirvana track.

“And then, as we were playing it, the audience starts to sing along, and I’m crying my eyes out onstage trying to keep it together—what a beautiful moment,” he shares with Rolling Stone. “And who am I to keep people from that beautiful moment?”

The original composition was composed by the Foo Fighters leader to demonstrate the shared obstacles he and music students experience when learning their craft. The frontman wrote music for seven different instruments, playing each one.

Earlier this year, Grohl reunited Nirvana at the Foos-curated Cal Jam 2018. With Joan Jett and Deer Tick’s John McCauley respectfully filling in for the late Kurt Cobain, Grohl intimated that another Nirvana reunion could happen soon.

You can watch the “All Apologies” performance below:


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