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Let’s be honest, we all love a good Elders React video. Exposing the older generation to bands, artists and genres they may have never heard of often brings forth some very split opinions, and the most recent Elders React video proves no different. See what happens when elders react to Korn and get a glimpse of some very aggressive mosh pits.

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The Fine Bros’ latest reaction video shows some very differing opinions when it comes to the nu-metal icons Korn, with one person even calling one of their videos “satanic”.

“Doesn’t really ring my bell” says Rock, who ends up giving his best Korn impression after the first video.

“They’re playing their guts out and they’re singing their guts out. It’s not like pop music where you have great singers but there’s no… it’s artificial music” says Yehuda, the Fine Bros’ father, who is an obvious Korn fan from the getgo.

While a few elders sway on their opinions based on the videos they watch, most seem pretty set on their “this is giving me a headache” or “this is awesome!” side.

And when they’re shown videos of Korn’s mosh pits?

“Absolutely don’t know what the hell that is!”

“They’re letting out pain, they’re letting out angst, at the same time it’s a safe environment. I had to restrain myself from going into the mosh pit, because that’s too old.”

“It’s like tribal dancing!”

“Are they naked?”

Wait… what?

At least they all can agree that Korn have some “pretty crazy” mosh pits. While a couple may have walked away as new fans of the band, it’s safe to say a few have zero intentions of ever watching a Korn video again.

Watch the latest Elders React video below!

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