[Photo by: Fila_Korea/Instagram]

If there's one thing that a Pokemon fan never has to worry about, it's finding something to wear. Between shirts, pants and shoes, a full outfit can be worn at any time to rep your love of the animated series. 

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When it comes to being a Pokemon fan and being an adult, most of the time our choices of wearing that full-on outfit is limited to mostly shirts and maybe the occasional poke-ball printed pant. While those are great and all, we've been seriously limited on the Pokemon-printed shoes. Luckily, our pleas have been answered because there are now stylish (and super cute) kicks that come in adult sizes. 

Fila, a South Korean company, announced their plans to release a new shoe line that's inspired by Pokemon, and we definitely have the urge to catch 'em all…uh, wear 'em all? Regradless, we need them. 

The collection is a result of a collaboration between Fila and Pokemon. Besides being super cute, the new sneakers are set to feature our favorite Pokemon characters: Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff.

Yeah, we're obsessed. Also, did we mention that each pair of the shoes will come in their own PokeBall box that matches the Pokeball decal on the tongue of the shoes itself?

The shoes are a limited-edition “Court Deluxe” shoe that will make their official appearance on shelves and online later this year. But, unfortunately, with the good, comes the bad. 

It appears that Fila will be realeasing these gorgeous shoes, but the sales seem to only be in South Korea. While we can't be for sure that fans outside of South Korea will be able to buy them at some point, we can at least keep our fingers crossed that these shoes will be popular enough for them to hit the global market where we would then be able to. 

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