UPDATE: JUNE 25, 12:00 P.M. EST

In the midst of completely eliminating their social media posts, Grayscale has added to the teaser that’s driving fans to a social media frenzy.

Adding to the original video showing off some backcountry footage, the band has given another look (and listen) at whatever they’re up to.

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The new video clip lays down a lo-fi beat over the band living it up in the sticks, making a possible hint at what’s to come.

We’re still not sure what the guys are up to, but hopefully more clips are to come sooner rather than later.


In typical Grayscale fashion, the band have sent their fans into an online frenzy of confusion with one simple tweet.

After blacking out their profile pictures and wiping their socials, the band dropped a cryptic video with no explanation behind it.

What are you up to Grayscale?

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Earlier today, the band erased all of their posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Their profile and header images were set to a simple black photo, sparking theories from fans that a new album or song announcement could soon be on the way.

Shortly after, the band dropped a cryptic teaser video that sparked some rather hilarious fan comments.


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Fans have been eagerly awaiting an album announcement from the band, hoping for a followup to 2017’s Adornment in the near future.

Back in May, the band released the track “Painkiller Weather” to hold us over, but honestly, it just left us even more eager for new music.

“‘Painkiller Weather’ is a song about being hopelessly in love with someone who can’t put love in front of their vice,” the band said in a statement. “It’s about trying to understand how they think and feel what they feel. We’re excited to have new music out for the first time in two years.”

Check out the track below!

What do you think Grayscale could be up to? Sound off in the comments below!

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