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We’re just under a week away from the release of It: Chapter Two and the film’s advertising is still pulling some interesting moves with the latest spoofing Oasis.

A massive digital poster for the film makes a cheeky reference to the band for the 25th anniversary of their Definitely Maybe album.

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The billboard makes a slight nod to the album with the words “Mad Fer It”, written in Oasis’ trademark black and white typeface.

Fittingly, they swapped the word “it” for the film’s signature dripping, bloody logo.

One UK resident noticed the subtle reference and wrote “Nice little Manchester Twist on this advert for @ITMovieOfficial.”

In other It news, the film based on the Stephen King novel dropped a new teaser with a whole lot of blood and of course Pennywise.

“But sometimes, what we try to leave in the past won’t stay there,” the voice says in the teaser, obviously referring to Pennywise tormenting the Losers’ Club more than two decades after the first film.

We’ve known for a while that the film is going to be gory. It apparently has a scene that contains the “most blood that’s been in a horror scene.” We’re expecting it involves Jessica Chastain since she was the one who teased it, and it seems this teaser might give us another glimpse at that.

The new film hits theaters on September 6. Check out the new teaser below as well as the final full-length trailer.

What do you think of the Oasis referencing It: Chapter Two billboard? Let us know in the comments below.

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