Ozzy Osbourne
[Photo by: Sam Taylor-Johnson]

Ozzy Osbourne has had a rough 2019 so far. After a battle with pneumonia this past Feb. followed by injuries he received after falling in his Los Angeles home, Ozzy was forced to postpone all of his 2019 tour dates.

Earlier this month, Sharon Osbourne shared an update following her husband‘s recently sustained injuries, revealing that Ozzy “feels terrible” for having to cancel his upcoming tour dates.

Now, Jack Osbourne has provided an update stating that Ozzy is “doing really well” less than a month after his health struggles.

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Jack was recently interviewed on The Jenny McCarthy Show about his paranormal investigation show, Portals To Hell. During the interview, Jack was asked for an update on Ozzy’s health.

“He’s doing really well,” Jack says. “He’s good. He’s getting back on his feet, so he’s good.”

You can check out the full interview below.

Yesterday, Jack revealed a little more to People stating, “He’s doing good. He’s back to being his cynical old self, [which] is always a good sign. When he’s complaining about mundane things, you know he’s good. Yeah, he’s back to normal. When everything on TV sucks and everything in the house is broken, he’s in a good spot.”

Earlier this month, Ozzy shared that he will have to postpone all forthcoming tour dates as he recovers from a recent injury.

Tweets revealed the injuries were a result of falling in his Los Angeles home. The tweet says the fall “aggravated years-old injuries” from an ATV accident that occurred in 2003.

Discussing the recent health scare on an episode of The Talk, Sharon became teary-eye as she revealed that Ozzy “feels terrible” for having to cancel his upcoming tour dates.

This past Feb., Ozzy announced the cancellation of his Australia, New Zealand, and Japan tour dates following his recent battle with pneumonia. At the time, Ozzy stated he had been advised by his doctor to stay home for a full six weeks in order to recover from his recent bout of pneumonia.

We’re wishing Ozzy all the best on his road to recovery!

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