Through our endless scrolling and clicking, we inevitably come across a massive amount of content that doesn't necessarily warrant a news story on its own—but is amusing nonetheless. Instead of letting those small, yet noteworthy, moments slip through the cracks, we decided to gather them up in one convenient, post. Check out our favorite internet moments of the week below.

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Jack Barakat has a new brand, and it's titled “Get A Job.” Check out the first t-shirt here.

Pierce The Veil’s deluxe edition of Misadventures is 3D and cool.

Paramore studio update?

Issues stopped by the APTV lounge at Welcome To Rockville, and this is the result.

Chrissy Costanza from Against The Current and Tony Diaz from State Champs playing video games together.

“They could steal my actual legs and I'd not be bothered anyways” = Matty Healy on Radiohead's inactive social media from last weekend.

We love you, Motion City Soundtrack!

All Time Low are touring with their heroes (and A Day To Remember, too).


Because I hate typos just as much as you… Blink dates that we are playing for ya face.

A photo posted by Alexander (@alexalltimelow) on


Take your kid to work day with Taking Back Sunday.

We agree, AP 335 Musician Of The Month Glenn from Moose Blood.

Are you listening to Beach Weather? There is a right or wrong answer to this.

Sean Mackin from Yellowcard and Jess Bowen from the Summer Set’s reunion.

It’s ok to not be ok.


Says every scene kid ever.

Lol Sydney.

My heart.

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