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Kurt Cobain’s iconic hospital gown listed for auction

March 7, 2019
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Nirvana fans can own a veritable piece of history, with a very special item that’s gone up for auction.

Fans with deep pockets can grab the hospital gown worn by the legendary frontman during the group’s Reading Festival set in 1992. Kurt Cobain was pushed onto the stage in a wheelchair, but that didn’t deter him from giving one of the band’s best sets ever, and what would eventually come to be known as one of Reading’s most iconic performances of all time.

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The gown has been placed up for sale by the US-based auction house RR Auctions, and the starting bid begins at a whopping £40,000. Oh well, whatever, never mind, right? At least, not unless you’re drowning in cash to drop on a hospital gown.

“This iconic and museum-quality piece represents the Nirvana frontman at his finest and most sardonic, jabbing pointedly at critics and detractors alike while retaining the intensely original showmanship that made him a living legend,” said RR Auctions of the piece.


The Reading Festival proved to be Cobain’s final performance in the U.K. Only two years later, the singer was found dead in his home in 1994. After his death, his wife Courtney Love gifted the gown to a fan in attendance at Cobain’s memorial vigil, according to NME. The fan held onto it for 25 years before opting to put it up for sale, though there wasn’t any sort of explanation given as to why they decided to part with a piece of rock history like that one.

If you’ve got enough cash lying around and are a massive Nirvana fan, perhaps the gown is something you’d like to stake your claim on. If so, you can check out the online auction via the official RR Auction website. It costs a pretty penny to own a piece of a rock legend, though.

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Written by Brittany Vincent