L.I.F.T share updated statement regarding allegations

The band further address allegations and say they are taking a "head on" approach.

March 28, 2019
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Following allegations brought against them earlier this week, L.I.F.T has made a separate statement. In the post, the band talk about the allegedly false accusations and say they’re approaching the situation “differently.”

Additionally, in the statement, L.I.F.T reveals that they are going private on their Twitter and other social media platforms.

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You can read the band’s latest statement below:

“People and society are sick to a lot of people, war is peace, ignorance is bliss and freedom is slavery.
“The fact that a person can make up whatever they want and ruin innocent people’s lives disgusts us. We live in a time where people no longer value the truth, and it’s incredibly dangerous. It’s a time that there is a change in society. There can only be as much good as there is bad, but we never anticipated that the negative energy of the world would go this far to combat the positivity we are trying to bring. We are going to continue to bring our light knowing we are doing the right thing. We believe in our message and this family. In the meantime, this account will be private and available to family members only. We are planning something big, and we have decided that we are going to tackle things differently. It’s time we approach issues way more head on and fight even harder for this family. Be patient and just know we love all of you and together we can make a difference in this world. Reply “dead 30” if you are with us.”



[Photo via Instagram screenshot]


[Photo via Instagram screenshot]

More on L.I.F.T.

Earlier this week, Set It Off removed L.I.F.T from the second leg of their Midnight tour following allegations that were not specified at the time. Sad Summer Festival followed suit in removing L.I.F.T from their lineup shortly after.

You can read the band’s initial post, which address instances where people felt uncomfortable by them at a show, below.

“In the last few days we’ve been made aware of situations where people felt that we have been inappropriate at a show. When we first heard about it we were shocked to find out that anyone had left out interactions feeling uncomfortable. To those who have walked away from meeting us feeling disrespected or unsafe in any way, please know that would never be our intention, and we’re genuinely sorry. We want you to know that we are listening, and we want to do everything in our power to help make our shows a safe space for everyone, especially women.
“This is all new for us—meeting fans, signings—and while it’s a dream come true, we also realize that our inexperience led to trying to take photos and sign for people without any order. Moving forward, we will take extra precautions needed to make sure everyone is comfortable and self.
“We really hope this helps put some of you at ease and again. We are incredibly sorry to anyone who has been made uncomfortable. Thank you to our fan base for being there for us—just know we would never do anything to jeopardize this family. It is everything to us.”
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