[Photo by: Nickelodeon]

We're all about channeling those '90s vibes, and thanks to Sally Hansen, we'll be able to do just that with our polish.

The beloved nail polish brand is teaming up with Madeline Poole, an editorial manicurist and designer, to release a '90s-inspired line, and we're already in love.

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According to Bustle, Poole was inspired by her mom's aerobic instructor's bright leggings and, of course, the interior of her parents' Dodge Aries: Red velvet.

And you can attribute the slime green color to exactly that: Poole's love for the slime on Nickelodeon, with a properly named “Slime Scene” polish.

The shades are both sophisticated and fun, and we already can't wait to decorate our nails with these shades.

madeline pool and sally hansen
[Photo by: Sally Hansen/Bustle]

The other colors include: 
Dusty Pink: “Material Pearl”
Orange: “Say It Lyrca Mean It”
Forest Green: “Mallratz”
Blue-Grey: “Vinyl Mix Tape”
Nude: “Call Me On My Shellphone”

With references to Drake, Madonna, Daria and Nickelodeon, we are counting down the days until the collection is released later this March.

Plus, to plot some cool designs with this new collection, check out Madeline Poole's Instagram for some inspo.

Which color are you most excited about? Sound off below!