Marilyn Manson, Taylor Swift
[Pictured L-R: Marilyn Manson, Taylor Swift/YouTube]

Twitter is completely losing its mind after an image surfaced from this weekend’s Wando Tango event of Marilyn Manson and Taylor Swift. Yes, the Manson and the Swift side-by-side in one photo.

You simply have to see it to believe it.

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Manson, dressed in all black of course, drastically contrasts a rainbow-attired Swift, sparking a hilarious meme comparison from fans.

Twitter was obviously sent into a frenzy.

To add even more crazy fuel to the fire, another photo surfaced of Manson with Joe Jonas and Ryan Seacrest.

Joe shared the pic to Twitter with the caption, “Hi we are the Jonas Brothers! And you’re watching Disney Channel!”

Don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible.

What do you think of Manson posing with Joe and Swift? Sound off in the comments below!

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