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Mark Hoppus’ misheard lyrics meme just confused blink-182 fans again

What is the truth?

August 14, 2020
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Mark Hoppus is sending the blink-182 fandom into a frenzy once again.

On Friday, Hoppus dug up the old “What’s My Age Again?” lyrics debate with a new meme. Now, fans are more confused than ever before.

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Last year, Hoppus left blink-182 fans questioning their true dedication to the band when he revealed that most people mishear the lyrics in “What’s My Age Again?” It all started with a tweet on Feb. 17.

“Due to personal reasons I will be wearing cologne to get the feeling right,” he tweets.

Since the release of the song in 1999, fans have been torn about the true lyrics sung at the start of “What’s My Age Again?” Do they say “I walk alone to get the feeling right” or “I wore cologne to get the feeling right?”

Hoppus then called out all of the fans that thought the song goes “I walk alone to get the feeling right.”

“Science fact: if you thought the lyrics were “I WALK ALONE to get the feeling right,” you are a Fake Fan™️.”

Now, Hoppus is trolling the blink-182 fandom even more. On Friday, he shared a new meme that brought up the “What’s My Age Again?” debate once again.

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Based on the post’s comments section, this meme has sent many fans into an existential crisis. One fan, however, has clearly kept receipts and posted the song’s lyrics as they appear in the Enema of the State CD booklet. In the book, the lyrics are “I wore cologne to get the feeling right.”

However, some fans are still questioning what the true lyrics are. Other fans are also questioning why they relate the “I walk alone” lyrics back to Green Day‘s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

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Do you think Mark Hoppus is trolling fans? What do you think the “What’s My Age Again?” lyrics are? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Rachael Dowd