Montreal, heavy metal
[Photos via: Montreal/Wikimedia Commons/User Moyogo, Heavy Metal Hand]

Montreal has officially become the most rock ‘n’ roll city in all of Canada, or rather, the most “heavy metal city.”

According to Consequence Of Sound, a resolution proposed by City Councillor Craig Sauvé was unanimously approved last evening, April 15, by the rest of City Council. The resolution recognizes Montreal’s rich history and “excellence” in the genre. 

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That said, according to Global News, Sauvé somehow achieved bi-partisan support.

“There are tens of thousands of fans in the Montreal region who are devoted, who spend so much time, who practice, promote, who attend concerts,” Sauvé says in a story with the CBC Montreal. The heavy metal music that we make is really well-regarded by many people all over the world because there’s a certain technical edge that we have here.

“It’s an immense thrill to be able to talk about this art form that I love so dearly,” Sauvé continues in a story with the Montreal Gazette. “I’m still an active fan. I listen to a lot of it.”

While the resolution ended up being passed as written, one other councillor attempted to amend the bill, noting some concern about “the violent nature” of particular metal music, according to Consequence Of Sound.

Luckily, council speaker Cathy Wong pushed back against the proposed amendment.

If your town were to be dubbed after a music genre, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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