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OutKast are officially unrecognizable to people under the age of 20

They also couldn't name a single member of Destiny's Child.

June 22, 2019
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If you’ve ever felt old listening to younger people talk about their music tastes, the 2019 NBA draftees are about to make you feel even older.

ESPN quizzed some of the up-and-coming players about the ’90s and they had no idea who former AP cover stars OutKast were.

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The players also couldn’t recognize a Super Nintendo or an Easy Bake Oven and most bafflingly, Destiny’s Child.

Some people online didn’t take too kindly to the player’s age shining through in their responses. Take a look below at how some are reacting online.

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You can watch the full clip in the player below.

Unlike these young basketball players, an NPR radio producer recently recognized André 3000 while waiting at an airport.

Antonia Cereijido spotted the OutKast member wandering around the terminal playing the flute, and after 40 minutes of trying to figure out if it was really him, she went and asked.

What do you think of the new NBA players knowledge of the ’90s? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Joe Smith-Engelhardt