Neck Deep

As you make your way to the theater to catch It Chapter Two, you may also want to snag this limited run Neck Deep shirt featuring our favorite creepy clown.

Check it out below!

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The band debuted the Pennywise shirt earlier today which features the infamous red balloon, killer clown and the Neck Deep boys on the back.

The front of the black T-shirt features an embroidered “ND” and Pennywise eyes design.

Available in a limited quantity, these $25 shirts are only available until Monday!

Check out the design below.

You can snag your Pennywise-Neck Deep shirt here through midnight Sept. 9. Shirts are expected to ship around Sept. 20.

This isn’t the first time the band have released an It-inspired shirt. Many fans are eager to add this recent release to their collection after snagging a different It-themed Neck Deep shirt during Halloween 2017.

More on Neck Deep

After long anticipation, Mark Hoppus finally joinedNeck Deep to perform “December (Again)” during one of their sets opening for blink-182 and Lil Wayne. 

To backtrack, Hoppus featured on the 2015 track that the band have been steadily playing on the road.

Even back when the show was announced, they teased at a live collaboration. First, Neck Deep tweeted the link to the song and wrote, “Hey @markhoppus – how ‘bout it?”

Hoppus responded, “Let’s do it live” and we’ve been waiting ever since.

Now, at the stop in Phoenix, AZ, it actually happened.

Hoppus came on stage to perform his verse with the band and it made our little pop-punk hearts melt. Check out a video below.

Will you be picking up a Neck Deep, Pennywise shirt? Sound off in the comments below!

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