pete wentz bruno mars meme
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Back in 2008, a hilarious paparazzi photo of Pete Wentz made the rounds over the surprised look Bruno Mars had on his face as he was caught in the background and today, Wentz is throwing back to its anniversary with a TikTok clip.

The Fall Out Boy bassist posted a clip of him today green-screened with the photo as a backdrop while tagging Mars in the post.

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Wentz has previously celebrated the anniversary of the photo a couple of years ago as it hit its 10th anniversary.

The photo was apparently taken on the streets of Los Angeles by a photographer who wanted to capture the date with a timestamp to savour the moment.

Wentz has been asked about the photo in the past too, telling New York magazine in 2016 about his thoughts on the weirdness of it.

“What an odd picture. I think specifically because it’s dated but also how it almost seems posed due to everyone’s faces and demeanor. I’m a big Bruno fan and have been since he sang ‘Billionaire’ with Travie [McCoy].”

Sadly, Mars ended up debunking the pic’s origin myth of him being starstruck over Wentz. Bruno Mars was actually shoved by the cameraman as he rushed to get the photo. His wide-eyed stare was a reaction to that and not a shocking reaction to seeing Wentz.

Now, Pete Wentz is throwing back to the photo once again on its 12th anniversary with a TikTok video of him sporting a suit looking baffled over it.

You can watch the clip below.

@petewentz🤷🤷🤷 ##greenscreen ##brunomars

♬ The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

What do you think of Pete Wentz’ way of celebrating the hilarious Bruno Mars photobomb picture’s anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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