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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame‘s fan vote is opening the decision making up to the public, and this year is being led by blink-182Motley Crue, Iron Maiden and more.

The organization have faced scrutiny over the years over some questionable inclusions on the nomination lists and the “Vote Your Choice” section at the museum is aiming to rectify the issue by giving the public a say in the matter.

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Since being installed this year, more than 80,000 votes have been cast with Motley Crue leading at 3152 votes according to an Instagram post. Following that, blink-182 are pulling in 2217 votes and Iron Maiden are sitting at 1771 votes.


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With more than 80,000 votes cast, here’s the current Top 8 in the Fan Vote at the @rockhall

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Dave Matthews Band, pop icon Cher, classic rockers Styx and Boston as well as Weezer helped round out the top eight choices.

While it’s still up in the air whether or not the “Vote Your Choice” section will actually affect the decisions made is yet to be seen, it gives a look at what fans want this year.

More on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock Hall received a new interactive exhibit allowing visitors to play instruments earlier this summer.

The new exhibit is called the “Interactive Garage” and with public access at the museum as of July 1.

Rock Hall president and CEO Greg Harris said earlier this year that the museum has an initiative to work on expanding the hands-on experience at the museum.

The second floor of the museum houses the new exhibit. It includes keyboards, mixing boards, guitars, drums, studio space and a lounge for acoustic instruments.

What do you think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s “Vote Your Choice” numbers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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