[Photo by: Saxl Rose/YouTube]

Saxophonist Tony Hancock—better known as Saxl Rose—has gained a ton of attention on social media for sax covers of scene favorites. After his cover of Miss May I's “My Sorrow” which featured Levi Benton himself, Hancock has turned his attention to Paramore with an incredible cover of “Fake Happy”.

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It seems that famous saxophonists have a thing for Paramore, but who could blame them? Last month, Kenny G took to Twitter to post a photo of himself along with the caption “I bet everybody here is fake happy too,” lyrics from Paramore's “Fake Happy” featured on their latest LP After Laughter.

Now, Saxl Rose has shared his love for Paramore by uploading his cover of the band's track which he calls “Fake Saxy”.

The cover even caught the attention of Hayley Williams herself.

You can hear the full version of Hancock's incredible cover, below!

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