[Photo by: Nick Karp]

After bad weather forced the Made in America tour to cancel their Denver show, Sleep On It set out to do whatever they could to make it up to their fans.

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Some bands will go out of their way for their fans, and Sleep On It prove they will do just that. Waterparks, As It Is, Sleep On It and Chapel were set to play The Summit in Denver last night as part of the Made in America tour, unfortunately things didn't go as planned.

That didn't stop Sleep On It from throwing together a quick make-up show, grabbing local Denver bands Tonight We Rise, Contender and Andrew of 1000 Miles of Fire to fill out the bill. 

The all-ages show kicks off tonight at Seventh Circle Music Collective. Tickets are $10.

Will you be attending Sleep On It's make-up show? Let us know in the comments below!