Snapchat is changing the game when it comes to photo sharing—with the help of augmented reality. They launched what they call World Lenses, which puts animated objects in the real world—think of it in similar terms as Pokemon Go. (Except Snapchat has a vomiting rainbow cloud, which is also pretty cool.)

This feature gives users a chance to interact with their surroundings through their phone in a brand new way.

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And, of course, the different filters offer a realm of possibilities. Currently available are the “OMG,” “Cute,” “Gross,” “Love” and “Hello” floating words, along with the Smiling Rainbow, Crying Cloud, Kissy Faced Popsicle and Cheeky Coffee. According to The Verge, these filters will change daily.

Snapchat explains how it works in more detail: “While Snapping with the rear-facing camera, simply tap the camera screen to find new Lenses that can paint the world around you with new 3D experiences!”

They’re totally movable around the screen, and as Mashable reports, it’s only a matter of time until Snapchat’s competitors, Instagram Stories and Facebook Camera, follow suit.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of what exactly “World Lenses” are:

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