Donald Trump's Twitter ban is permanent even if he holds office again

Shortly following the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Donald Trump was suspended from Twitter before eventually being completely banned from the platform. Now, Twitter’s CFO has revealed that the company has no plans to ever lift the former President’s ban on the social media site. Read more: Rebecca Black and 3OH!3 bring […]

Instagram really doesn’t want you to need any other social media platform

Facebook is unveiling some massive changes to Instagram this week. The tech giant’s new cross-platform messaging feature lets Instagram users message friends on Facebook without even having a Facebook account. As well, new chat modes and themes let users customize their DMs like never before. Read more: This is the first song Linkin Park heard Chester […]

10 alternative Snapchat filters you need to try

Snapchat filters have come a long way from when they first came out, now giving users the ability to conjure up their own from the depths of their imagination.  The user-created option has expanded the filters library in ways you couldn’t imagine, and people have come up with some creative ideas, including some made for […]

Here’s the first video kicking off TikTok rival Instagram Reels

Last month, we learned that Instagram is planning to launch its own in-app video platform that rivals TikTok. Now, Instagram Reels has arrived and has already caused for various new videos to go viral. The immediate popularity of Reels may not be such a good thing for TikTok. Read more: Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ era […]

This petition is trying to stop the George Floyd challenge on TikTok

Amid protests revolving around the death of George Floyd, TikTok was accused of censoring posts from users writing the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd. The video-sharing platform blamed the problem on a glitch, but many users don’t believe that’s the true reason. Now, an insensitive “George Floyd TikTok Challenge” is sparking outrage. A new petition has emerged that […]

10 New Year’s resolutions every scene kid should make

New Year’s is a great time to hit the reset button and set some goals you want to accomplish in the new 365 days. If you’re a scene kid at heart, there are especially some resolutions you can set that have to do you music, fashion and more. While some resolutions can be cliche, we […]

TikTok users take on roulette piercing challenge in viral trend

TikTok is an app that has gained massive popularity due to its short, lip-sync and comedic videos, used by celebrities and fans alike. While every day brings on a new trend, the piercing challenge is one of the latest to hit the app in recent weeks. Challenges such as the Haribo challenge (forming gummy bears […]

Snapchat reportedly back online after second major outage this month

Once again, Snapchat users fell victim to another round of outages earlier today. Users reported being unable to send chats and snaps, while others were unable to even open the app. While Snapchat Support states the problem has since been resolved, many users are still reporting issues on Twitter. Read more: ‘Fortnite’ players left staring at […]

Pete Wentz to write music for Snapchat series on mental health

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has been announced as a producer and music supervisor for a forthcoming Snapchat original shortform series dealing with mental health. Check out the details below! Read more: Top 10 nü-metal staples that still hold up today According to the Hollywood Reporter, a new slate of Snapchat original series is expected […]

Facebook creating Snapchat-like app for Instagram messaging

Facebook is reportedly working on a new app for Instagram that would utilize a private messaging function like Snapchat.  This is far from the first time Facebook has taken inspiration from Snapchat, considering the app replicated the Stories feature for Facebook and Instagram.  Read more: Spotify most streamed summer songs include Post Malone, Billie Eilish […]

FaceApp responds to privacy concerns after age-filtering viral craze

FaceApp, the program responsible for the slew of elderly photos on social media as of late, has responded to security concerns raised by users. The app behind one of the latest internet trends came under fire due to questions about the access it has to your phone’s photos. Read more: Top 10 pop tracks every […]

Snapchat testing new Netflix-like section for their Creator Shows

Snapchat introduced their shows feature almost a year ago as a way to win back users, but the app is getting a bit of an overhaul. The lineup of “creator shows” is getting a test with a Netflix-like home page to separate this content from the main Discovery page. Read More: Tool make streaming service […]

Snapchat dysmorphia driving patients to filter-inspired plastic surgery

It turns out that using filters on Snapchat might not be so harmless after all. Recent studies have found that the app is causing an increase in plastic surgery worldwide. People are bringing in photos of themselves that are heavily filtered and asking to look like that version of themselves. Read more: Lzzy Hale says […]

Snapchat users may be able to add favorite songs to Stories soon

Snapchat might be getting way louder with a possible new music-centered upgrade in the works. The company, owned by Snap, has been in negotiations with music companies, including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, to work out licensing agreements to add songs to Snapchat. Read more: Alexisonfire drop heavy new track […]

Evanescence fan uses gender swap filter for epic “Bring Me To Life” duet

We will never not jam out whenever we hear the classic banger “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence. Even if we’re alone listening to the song, that doesn’t mean we won’t sing both Amy Lee and Paul McCoy’s parts in the song. Read more: Woodstock 50 investors must return $18.5 million after court order And […]

Spotify adding Instagram-like Stories feature for artists

Spotify is taking a cue from Instagram and Snapchat by incorporating a Stories-like feature into its platform. However, it’ll be different — Spotify artists will be able to share additional background for their music with “Stories” that will stay online long past 24 hours. Read more: Backtrack announce breakup, final world tour The new function will […]

Snapchat to allow Tinder users to share Stories with matches

Soon, your Tinder matches might be able to get to know you a little better because soon, you can share your Snapchat stories to your profile on the dating app. The new function is part of a huge announcement Snapchat made about upcoming developments in the app. Those include expansion of Bitmojis to other apps, […]

Snapchat is now letting you play games with friends

Snapchat has announced that it has created a gaming service within the app to encourage users to spend more time using the platform. Along with using third-party developed games, the platform has also created its own first game utilizing Bitmoji avatars. The social media app already utilizes Bitmojis frequently.  For example, users’ profile photo, as […]

Cheerleader dismissed over profane Snapchat wins First Amendment case

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled that a school district violated a cheerleader’s First Amendment rights after she posted a Snapchat using profanity about the squad. The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania sued the Mahanoy Area School District on behalf of the student. She is not named because she is a minor. Read more: Chris […]

2018's top iPhone apps show drop in Snapchat use

Snapchat use drops for the third straight year as YouTube takes the top spot on Apple‘s recently released list of the most-downloaded iPhone apps of 2018, meaning the video sharing company can now officially consider itself the “most popular iPhone app of the year,” as noted by Mashable. So, did you snap or cruise the […]
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