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The Kentucky Department of Health is currently considering banning tattoo artists from being able to cover up scar tissue.

According to, it has not been revealed exactly why officials are considering the ban. However, the proposal is up for review as a part of the Department Of Health’s first regulation update in 15 years.

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Speaking to, spokesperson for the Kentucky Department Of Health Beth Fisher says she could not be specific in regards to why the tattooing style is up for review. However, public comments regarding the proposed regulations are currently being accepted.

“Regulations in this area have not been updated for about 15 years. The Department for Public Health (DPH) filed the proposed new regs earlier this month. Public comments are being accepted through the end of May. A public hearing is scheduled for May 28 at the Cabinet.”

While it the potential cause has not been revealed by the Department Of Health, dermatologist Dermatologist Elizabeth Muennich thinks a cause for the consideration could be the concern of tattooing over melanoma scars.

“I think one of the issues is they might be worried about tattooing over melanoma scars and that is a concern,” Muennich says in a story with Cincinnati outlet WLWT5.

However, the proposal does not define “scarred skin,” according to The New York Post. That said, artists would be banned from performing cover-ups without clarification.

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Of course, many people have been outspoken about their thoughts concerning the potential ban. You can check out what people have to say below.

Most professional tattoo artists suggest people wait 18 months to two years before tattooing over a scar. According to Adrenaline Studios, the wait time will lessen the chances of a scar expanding after getting inked, and thus warping your tattoo as a result.

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