WILLOW & Avril Lavigne "G L O W" video

WILLOW, Avril Lavigne and KennyHoopla team up for “G R O W” video

The song also features Travis Barker and is from WILLOW's latest record, ‘lately i feel EVERYTHING.’

October 19, 2021
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WILLOW has been thriving in the alternative scene following the release of her fifth album, lately I feel EVERYTHING. Now, the artist has just released a music video for fan-favorite “G R O W.”

Teaming up alongside punk icon Avril Lavigne, WILLOW delivers an angsty performance of the pop-punk anthem in its music video premiere.

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The title of the song is a clear reference to the various forms of growth that WILLOW has experienced over the years. As an artist and as an individual, WILLOW has evolved, and the music video for “G R O W” illustrates this concept.

Driven by power chords and backed by Travis Barker’s hard-hitting drums, WILLOW ultimately sings about accepting change, focusing on yourself and doing some soul-searching. The lyrics are as no-nonsense as the visual for the song is.

As soon as the video opens, WILLOW walks out after a heated discussion with fellow pop-punk musician KennyHoopla and quite literally grows from her past. The singer tears down circulating rumors about her and seems to take comfort in the idea that she is the one knows herself best.

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Lavigne tears down posters of herself before joining forces with WILLOW on the guitar. A longtime inspiration for WILLOW, Lavigne’s vocals help solidify the track. In a conversation with AltPress, WILLOW discussed what it was like for her to work with Lavigne on lately I feel EVERYTHING.

“It was just effortless watching her come up with her verse. Just the tone of her voice and how she knows exactly the right tone that’s going to work with the song,” WILLOW says. 

“When I heard her verse, I was like, ‘Oh no, should I even get on this?’” she continues. “Because I’m not going to sound nearly as hardcore or amazing as she sounds. But then I was like, ‘You know what? Don’t go back into that mindset. Be confident, hold your head up high and sing this damn song with this amazing woman.’ I’m so excited for it.”

Watch the music video for “G R O W” below!

Written by Anissa Sanchez