Pete Davidson canceled a gig at the last minute after the comedy club owner referred to Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande while introducing the Saturday Night Live star.

Davidson was set to perform on Monday at Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory in Bridgeport, CT but never graced the stage.

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In a video posted on the comedian’s Instagram story, he said he was “disrespected” by the owner because he “did something that I told him not to do and I can’t perform under those circumstances.”

He did offer to do a free show for the attendees who didn’t get to see him perform.

You can see recordings of his story below.

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When Pete left, the owner went on stage to rally up the crowd about the comedian bailing on the gig. He even played Davidson’s story on the screen in the club.

Apparently, the owner claims that the only reason he mentioned Grande and Beckinsale to the crowd was to inform them that if they heckled Davidson about the women, they’d be asked to leave the club.

Davidson had apparently asked the club to do so. This is because earlier this year, he had to kick an audience member out of a show for an insensitive joke the person made about Grande’s ex Mac Miller.

You can see a full video of the owner rallying the crowd about Davidson’s no-show.

In other news, Davidson’s bff Machine Gun Kelly made his comedy debut after losing a bet. He actually opened for Davidson to a sold-out crowd.

The bet apparently was that if MGK couldn’t keep his shirt on for the entirety of his 29th birthday party, he’d have to do stand up. Apparently that was too much for the rapper, and he ended up performing for about 200 people.

Also, Davidson recently was filmed jamming out to some unreleased MGK music that makes us so excited to hear the Cleveland rapper’s upcoming album.

The comedian sang along to the track that MGK happens to even name drop him in.

What do you think of Davidson leaving the gig? Sound off in the comments below!

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