[Photo by Jibrin Yassin]

Listen to poolblood's Black History Month playlist

This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

If you’re looking for the perfect, serene musical companion to go along with your morning coffee, cozy cup of tea in the evening — or really any time you’re looking for comfort — poolblood is your answer. The project from 27-year-old Toronto-based artist Maryam Said, which spans from alternative-folk to dream-pop, often feels as if it captures the beauty of the more quiet, intimate moments in life. Their debut album Mole (which they co-produced with Shamir) just arrived earlier this year, too, so there’s no better time to become acquainted with the singer.
With the charming playlist Pooblood pulled together for us featuring a wide-range of rising artists, from fellow dream-pop acts to soul and R&B singers, you’re sure to get acquainted with a handful of other new favorite acts, too. See what poolblood had to say about several of songs on their playlist, and listen to the full selection below.
“Are You With Me” – Highnoon
The perfect dream-pop band. If there is anyone who can write a great dream-pop song, it’s Kenny. Their vocals are so sweet and nostalgic. Highnoon forever.
“no fun/party” – Kara Jackson 
 I’ve been obsessed with Kara for a couple years now and I can not wait for her new record. The singles so far are beyond. “no fun/party” is an amazing, beautiful track.
“On My Way” – June McDoom 
Ethereal to the T — just a perfect record I can’t stop spinning. The production is next level and those vocals… omg.
“Blame Me” – L’Rain 
I just love this record.
“Hopeless Romantic” – Camille Léon 
Such a wonderful band led by Jennelle! A perfect record for a good night after hanging with pals, I love this song “Hopeless Romantic,” it’s a great garage-rocky, alt-indie song.