Pop punk and pizza? Honestly, name a better duo. We’ll wait.

For as long as the genre has been alive, these two things have always gone hand in hand. We’re not quite sure what it is about pizza that gets people so revved up, but who’s complaining? The only time we’ll complain is when we can’t decide what toppings to throw on our pie, so allow us to do the work for you with this all-knowing quiz!

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If you love art as much as you love pop-punk then man, is there a museum for you. Get ready for the first ever slice-based museum.

If you regularly visit New York City and have seen all there is from Times Square to the Statue of Liberty then now you have a new spot to visit in the Museum of Pizza this October.

Each ticket is good for one piece. Plus, it feeds families in need, so you can grab some and feel good about it.

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The exhibit is focused on art and helping these families, but the pie is pretty nice, too.

The exhibit includes: artists “gallery,” a cave, a fun house, a beach, an interactive history (and untold story) of pizza, “Pizza Zen,” games, the official #MoPi Pizza Films screening room and media lab and more.

Grab your ticket here for any day between October 13-28, and be sure to check out the website here.

Feel free to visit the museum for the earliest slot of the day because in the latest dietary news—from a nutrition expert who's clearly doing the Lord's work—an early morning piece may be a more beneficial breakfast food than your regular ol' bowl of cereal. Time to trade your Lucky Charms for a slice!

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Dietitian Chelsey Amer tells The Daily Meal that it's more nutritious than loops or flakes for the first meal of the day—and suddenly, the dorm-room dining trope of cold leftovers to greet the morning isn't as crazy as it seems.

“You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories,” she says. But here's the clincher: “However, pizza packs a much larger protein punch, which will keep you full and boost satiety throughout the morning.”

We're only chasing satiety, and this is possibly the most delicious breakfast update we've ever heard. Amer upholds that the pie shouldn't be considered a health food, but the dietitian who's captured our 'za-loving hearts contends a slice still stomps Honey Smacks at getting you through the day.

“Plus, a slice of pizza contains more fat and much less sugar than most cold cereals,” adds the nutritionist, “so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.”

We throwing a party first thing in the morning.