Over the years, Post Malone has teamed up with various artists for some genre-bending collaborations. From Ozzy Osbourne to Tommy Lee and Justin Bieber, Posty clearly loves a good collab from time to time.

Now, it looks like Post Malone almost teamed up with a surprising artist for a new song. However, there's a good reason why it didn't happen.

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Not only is Post Malone known for collaborating with artists in various genres, but he also has an extensive music taste that spans all different types of music. In the past, he has shown his love for Nirvana, Metallica and Grouplove among many others.

Fleet Foxes
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As well, in 2019, a video of Posty singing along to Fleet Foxes' "The Shrine/An Argument" emerged online.

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Now, it looks like Fleet Foxes and Post Malone have forged a relationship over the years. Fleet Foxes singer Robin Pecknold recently told Radio.com's New Arrivals that the two text from time to time.

“He’ll text me every once in a while and it’s always a really fun thing to receive,” Pecknold said. “To have that pop up in my iMessages, it always feels like a glitch in the Matrix or something.”

In fact, the relationship has grown so much over the years that Post Malone almost appeared on Fleet Foxes' latest album Shore. However, due to scheduling conflicts, the collab never happened.

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“He came by the studio for one day while we were working in L.A. and listened to stuff and was super supportive,” he said. “We didn’t get together in time because I wanted to get the album out quickly, but I did ask him to be on it. He was down, but we just didn’t end up having time.”

Despite the fact that the collab plans didn't work out, Pecknold still thinks highly of Post Malone.

“He’s a super sweet guy, he’s a real gentleman, and he’s probably the best melody writer in the business right now. I think,” Pecknold said. “And by some glitch in the Matrix, we have a casual friendship."

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Post Malone is currently working on a follow-up to 2019's Hollywood's Bleeding. Last month, he told Complex that he has created a lot of new music this year. From the sounds of it, fans can expect to hear a whole new side of Post Malone and some new influences in the future.

“I’ve been recording a lot of new music for the album,” he said. “Having the team here with me creating has been amazing. We have been experimenting with some new sounds and are really excited for the world to hear.”

For now, no release date for his new album has been released. However, it's possible fans could hear Posty's new music sometime in 2021.

Do you want to hear Post Malone collaborate with Fleet Foxes? What do you think the song would sound like? Let us know in the comments below.