Just in case you didn’t think Post Malone was a die-hard My Chemical Romance fan already, the rapper recently posted a series of photos on Instagram that are giving us major Black Parade vibes.

Dressed in all black with what appears to be white or reflective material going across his legs and chest, Post Malone’s outfit looks like he is taking a stroll into the city, to see a marching band.

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The photos that were shared to his Instagram were from the rapper’s stop in Amsterdam.

Hilariously enough, many comments are pointing out the similarities between Post Malone’s new look to Gerard Way’s.

Gerard Way called and said he wants his Black Parade outfit back,” one comment reads.

You can check out the outfit in question below.


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For comparison purposes (and just because we couldn’t resist), you can watch the music video for “Welcome to the Black Parade” below. 

Despite what you may be thinking, this isn’t the first time Post Malone has been associated with the guys in MCR.

The rapper actually played the emo anthem “Welcome to the Black Parade” at Emo Nite in June of 2017. Check out the video of him rocking out to the MCR bop below.

Here’s to hoping he will wear this outfit at the next Emo Nite.

Recently, Funko Pop! announced that Post Malone was getting his own Funko!, complete with face tattoos and all. Funko! made the announcements for the new figures via Instagram, revealing new figurines for not only Post Malone, but also KISS, Migos and BTS.

What do you think of Post Malone’s Black Parade look? Sound off in the comments below.

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