Post Malone and Joe Rogan managed to talk about a lot of stuff during their recent four-hour podcast. Not only did the duo talk about goblin metal, but they also managed to discuss the Chainsmokers' ongoing concert investigation.

A recent Chainsmokers concert is currently under investigation by the New York Department of Health.

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Last weekend, the Chainsmokers held a charity concert in New York. Due to coronavirus, the event was held as a drive-in performance to comply with social distancing restrictions. However, videos from the event show that social distancing practices did not take place.

Once the Chainsmokers' performance began, many concertgoers left their cars and crowded in front of the stage. This resulted in a massive crowd that was not practicing social distancing.

Following the release of the videos, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the Department Of Health is investigating the event.

Since the performance, the Chainsmokers haven't released a statement. However, Post Malone is now weighing in on the situation. The rapper took part in a four-hour interview for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the interview, he got high with Rogan and they talked about various different topics including the Chainsmokers.

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At first, Rogan says he doesn't understand why people are so upset over the Chainsmokers' drive-in performance. Then, he learns that many of the 3,000 individuals left their cars and formed a massive crowd. The duo then goes through all of the safety measures that were put in place for the event.

Temperatures were checked upon entry and bathrooms were sanitized reportedly every 10 minutes. As well, hand sanitizer was readily available for all, and those without masks were given one.

Rogan and Malone then determine that what happened at the performance isn't actually the Chainsmokers' fault. Instead, the responsibility falls on the venue and those in charge of the health and safety regulations.

"It depends on intent, I think," Malone says. "Are there cars there? Was it a drive-in concert?... that's not on them if the people got out of the cars."

Malone further comes to the Chainsmokers' defense and says that what happened was completely out of their hands.

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"I know the boys in the group, sweet guys," he continues. "I think it was a shit show that just got out of fucking hand."

Some event ticket packages for the show cost over $25,000. The perks included personal RVs to watch the show, meals to eat at the event and even a helicopter ride that flew attendees directly to the site. Profits from the event benefitted various charities including No Kid HungrySouthampton Fresh Air Home and the Children’s Medical Fund of New York.

Joe Rogan and Post Malone's the Chainsmokers discussion and the entire podcast episode are available to watch below.

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